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NAHTM is rapidly becoming the recognized source for hospital based, patient transport management. The NAHTM organization provides many benefits and opportunities for its members to further their own professional development, improve the skills and performance of their staff, as well as the overall improvement of department practice.


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The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM)  is composed of management personnel from throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil who are responsible for the transportation of patients in hospital settings.



National Association of Healthcare Transport Management

                                                                                    Leadership Webinar


Shanicca Joshua, M.Ed. Senior Educational Specialist

Patient Resources Administration

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sponsored by: The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM)

February 28, 2017

When  the Change is  "EPIC".....

Preparing for a New Electronic Health Record



As more and more healthcare institutions transition from partial to total electronic healthcare records, every department in the institution is affected.  Preparing for change can be both exciting and intimidating.  Various pre-and post-implementation tasks might contribute to the new normal in patient care tracking systems.  This session will provide you with practical and useful tips for both pre-implementation plans and post implementation adjustments. 

Learning Objectives:

1.  The learner will review pre-implementation planning strategies when preparing to transition to a total healthcare record

2.  The learner will acquire an understanding of the pre- and post-implementation challenges related to the successful transition to a total electronic healthcare record

3. The learner will acquire knowledge of potential post-implementation challenges related to the transition to a total electronic healthcare record




NAHTM exists to promote the profession of patient transport management.  NAHTM’s current activities include holding regular conferences for the presentation and discussion of new research results, best practices and case studies.  NAHTM has collaborated with Innovative Publishing to create and produce an academic Journal of Patient Transportation scheduled for a summer 2017 publication.


CPTOM - Certified Patient Transport Operations Manager

CPTE - Certified Patient Transport Executive

NAHTM is exploring creating a profession-wide certification.   In order to apply professional standards, and increase the level of practice, NAHTM is exploring establishing certification for patient transportation team leads, supervisors, managers and executives. This is intended to be portable to all places a certified professional might work. Attend the 2017 Annual Conference to learn more at the unveiling of the certification program.