2024 National Conference
Patient Transport Magic!

Tuesday, May 21st through Thursday, May 23, 2024

Drury Plaza Hotel
2000 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Hotel reservations must be made by 4/30/24 to qualify for the NAHTM Discounted Rate OF $169.00 per night.

CHT Training

Hello NAHTM Members,

Impact Training Corporation and National Association for Healthcare Transport Management announce new leadership for their Certified Healthcare for Transporters (CHT) and their CHT Instructor credentials.  We welcome Donald Sipp, MA, who brings a 20-year career in healthcare providing leadership in operational and project management and development in areas such as patient transport, environmental services, and food service.  Donald has provided consulting services to multiple hospitals through conducting systems and stand-alone studies, assessment of operations, and development of improve-ment strategies.  He also teaches college classes in these areas.  Donald’s work has been focused on his goal of helping people—especially frontline workers or those who want to become frontline workers—reach their potential and become economically self-sufficient.  Among his many credentials, he is a CHT Instructor and Level II Trainer.  Donald and his team will deliver the CHT Instructor Training at NAHTM’s 32nd  Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 19 and 20, just prior to the first day of NAHTM’s conference.  During the conference, Donald will provide a seminar focused on the CHT credential and its value.  He is eager to meet conference attendees, listen to their needs, and determine how he and his newly acquired ownership of ITC can best help you and NAHTM.

We, your Executive Team at NAHTM, and Ruthann Walsh and Jorie Kennedy, initiators and former owners/creators/facilitators of ITC, believe our CHT program has been transferred to a caring, competent, committed, and knowledgeable leader who will work in partnership with NAHTM to seamlessly provide Transport leaders the opportunity to earn the CHT Instructor credential.  The CHT Instructor credential enables Transport leaders to:

  • deliver Certified Healthcare Transporters within their healthcare systems;
  • provide their Transporters the opportunity to earn the CHT professional credential demonstrating their competency, supporting their tenure, and often opening the door for upward mobility within their hospital;
  • measure the impact of trained CHT’s on productivity;
  • maintain the integrity of NAHTM’s CHT as a standard for quality service in healthcare as well as a career path within healthcare.

After 21 years of partnering with NAHTM for CHT delivery,  ITC’s founders wanted to make sure CHT could be passed into the “right” hands—hands that reached out to assist the journey of frontline healthcare workers as well as fit into the handshake of cooperation and mutual goals with NAHTM.  ITC believes  Donald Sipp is that person.  Ruthann and Jorie will continue to share their knowledge through their consulting support for CHT working with Donald over the next year.  We are pleased to announce that Impact Training will be holding a training session for the Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT) Instructor Program pre-conference, May 19-20.  See brochure here:  CHT 2024 NAHTM training brochure 02-24


How does NAHTM help you?

NAHTM is the recognized source for hospital based, patient transport management. The NAHTM organization provides many benefits and opportunities for its members to further their own professional development, improve the skills and performance of their staff, as well as the overall improvement of department practice.

What does membership include?

  • Access a lively Discussion Forum between NAHTM members

  • Access to a Knowledge Base (FAQ) covering a wide variety of topics related to hospital-based Patient Transport.

  • Access to the Standard Operating Procedures

  • Access to webinars, member directory, and future journal publications

  • NAHTM’s premiere event- it’s Annual Conference and Exposition

Exhibitor of the Year

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Care Continuum Chair

TPM Research transforms the way healthcare providers transport and care for patients. Our new Care Continuum Chair™ is an innovative patient vehicle ergonomically and clinically optimized for both patients and the healthcare staff responsible for moving them.

The Care Continuum Chair fills the large gap in care, rest, and transportation pre- and post-hospital bed. It is engineered to ideally interact with the human form to promote well-being, better health, and safety and radically improve patient experience and satisfaction. The Care Continuum Chair reflects the need for ideal neutral posture, long-duration seating, and anatomical support for skeletal, muscular, and tissue loading. The optimized seating “system” provides optimal comfort while more effectively supporting the user’s spine, organs, and soft tissue.

Every design innovation from TPM Research elevates the Care Continuum Chair well beyond any current patient transport vehicle available, including the lower center of gravity, powered assist lift (PAL), flush to floor footplates, and superior musculoskeletal support. Additional chair features include an ergonomically designed handle, weight-assisted rear-wheel maneuverability, more comfortable and efficient pushing, low rolling resistance wheels, a retractable IV pole, O2 tank support, on-board disinfectant, integrated baggage transport, and more.