National Transport Week

National Patient Transport Week is held annually on the first full week of November.

This year, we celebrate November 3 – 9, 2024

This week is a special time of celebration as we focus recognition on the daily effort that each of you puts forth in providing transportation service and care to your patients.  Transporters play a vital role in patient flow, patient care, and the overall patient experience, and should all be proud of the work you do!

Here are just a few ideas to recognize, pamper, engage, and reward staff!

Partner with your Marketing/Communication Team to make announcements and display information about Transport Week

Create Contests or activities for your teams to participate

  • develop a new slogan or uniform shirt design
  • trivia contests
  • staff name that baby picture contest
  • Scavenger Hunt

 Hold a Transporter of the year contest and solicit nominations and votes

Provide meals and snacks (everyone loves food!!)

Solicit gifts from vendors (if permitted) to distribute