Impact Training/CHT

NAHTM and Impact Training Corporation (ITC) partnered in 2003 to provide a national certification for Healthcare Transporters.  They worked together to shape ITC’s curriculum/model to reflect the competencies and standards to achieve NAHTM’s national standards for proficiency.  As of 2021, 701 Transporters from hospitals around the country have achieved national certification.  NAHTM and ITC continue to work together to achieve, implement, and expand national certification for Healthcare Transporters.  A pathway to implementing the Certified Healthcare for Transporters (CHT) curriculum lies in a NAHTM member or others from your hospital enrolling and earning the CHT Instructor credential.

Hello NAHTM Members,

Impact Training Corporation and National Association for Healthcare Transport Management announce new leadership for their Certified Healthcare for Transporters (CHT) and their CHT Instructor credentials.  We welcome Donald Sipp, MA, who brings a 20-year career in healthcare providing leadership in operational and project management and development in areas such as patient transport, environmental services, and food service.  Donald has provided consulting services to multiple hospitals through conducting systems and stand-alone studies, assessment of operations, and development of improve-ment strategies.  He also teaches college classes in these areas.  Donald’s work has been focused on his goal of helping people—especially frontline workers or those who want to become frontline workers—reach their potential and become economically self-sufficient.  Among his many credentials, he is a CHT Instructor and Level II Trainer.  Donald and his team will deliver the CHT Instructor Training at NAHTM’s 32nd  Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 19 and 20, just prior to the first day of NAHTM’s conference.  During the conference, Donald will provide a seminar focused on the CHT credential and its value.  He is eager to meet conference attendees, listen to their needs, and determine how he and his newly acquired ownership of ITC can best help you and NAHTM.

We, your Executive Team at NAHTM, and Ruthann Walsh and Jorie Kennedy, initiators and former owners/creators/facilitators of ITC, believe our CHT program has been transferred to a caring, competent, committed, and knowledgeable leader who will work in partnership with NAHTM to seamlessly provide Transport leaders the opportunity to earn the CHT Instructor credential.  The CHT Instructor credential enables Transport leaders to:

  • deliver Certified Healthcare Transporters within their healthcare systems;
  • provide their Transporters the opportunity to earn the CHT professional credential demonstrating their competency, supporting their tenure, and often opening the door for upward mobility within their hospital;
  • measure the impact of trained CHT’s on productivity;
  • maintain the integrity of NAHTM’s CHT as a standard for quality service in healthcare as well as a career path within healthcare.

After 21 years of partnering with NAHTM for CHT delivery,  ITC’s founders wanted to make sure CHT could be passed into the “right” hands—hands that reached out to assist the journey of frontline healthcare workers as well as fit into the handshake of cooperation and mutual goals with NAHTM.  ITC believes  Donald Sipp is that person.  Ruthann and Jorie will continue to share their knowledge through their consulting support for CHT working with Donald over the next year.

What is a Level 1 CHT Instructor?

A  Level 1 Instructor is a hospital-based transport manager, or hospital trainer, who has successfully completed the 2-day ITC training session.

What is a Level II CHT Instructor?

A  Level II Instructor trains Level I CHT Instructors. This individual has met all the criteria established by CHT for Level II Instructor status.


CHT Instructors can complete the certification application to finalize certification at the completion of Transport staff training program.  Certification fee is $30 per person and must be paid in full prior certificate being issued.

  • To request certification for Transport Staff:
    • Complete the certification application template on this page and return via email (instructions on the form).
    • Payment options include payment by check (instructions on the form), or via credit card.
    • To pay certification fee by credit card via secure Stripe link, click link, update the number of certifications you wish to pay for, and process payment.

CHT Instructors can complete the recertification for any Transporter with expiring certification. Re-certification fee is $20 per person, and must be paid in full prior to certificate being issued.

  • To request recertification of Transport Staff:
    • Complete the recertification application template on this page and return via email (instructions on form).
    • Payment options include payment by check (instructions on form) or via credit card.
    • To pay recertification fee by credit card via secure Stripe link, click link, update the number of recertifications you wish to pay for, and process the payment.

To request invoice for certification or recertification, email

Program Testimonial:

Hello, my name is Nick Van Slate and I am the Coordinator/Educator of patient equipment transport services at Kootenai Health.  I have been a Certified healthcare Transport Instructor through ITC and a member of NAHTM for the past four years.  During that time, I have instructed four separate Certified healthcare Transport (CHT) classes resulting in 15 CHT graduates.

The CHT program we run targets exemplary transporters and gives them an opportunity to learn and grow to the next level in their current occupation.  The program has dramatically increased the productivity, confidence, and skills of our graduate employees.  It has also been a huge aid in staff retention as our graduates receive both a raise and new designation.  We look forward to continued partnership with NAHTM and ITC as we continue to pursue the CHT certification credential for every member of our transport team.  Pictures of one of our recent CHT graduates follow.