Action Needs a Catalyst

Non-critical portable medical equipment can no longer be viewed differently than a healthcare workers’ hands or the patients’ room with regards to cleanliness and ultimately the risk of transmitting an infection-causing pathogen. It’s time for the disinfection of patient transport equipment to become a mainstream initiative. UV-Concepts has developed the 1st  purpose-built UV disinfection solution to connect all the key facets of a disinfection protocol for patient transport equipment. We believe the existing paradigms need to be challenged, and we will partner alongside you to execute a plan. Experience the most powerful UV platform in healthcare.

Presenters: Jeremy Starkweather, President & CEO Jason Ylizarde, Chief Commercial Officer

Date: Wednesday  September 18, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM  EST
Registration: Contact Deb Cox to register and obtain webinar access information
Contacts/Information:  Deb Cox at Debbie.cox@umassmemorial.org